Concrete Credit Limited (CCL) is primarily engaged in the business of trading and investment in shares and trading in fabrics and general merchandise. Concrete Credit Limited is a public limited company incorporated on June, 17th, 1981 in the name Subh Laxmi Projects Limited, Which was changed to Concrete Credit Limited (CCL) on August 2nd, 2007. The company has been primarily concentrating, so far, on share trading activities. The overall management of the company is vested in the Board of Directors of the Company. Its business is to undertake financial and commercial obligations, investing the company’s money into profitable avenues, corporate finance, trade finance and doing other services. However, it has started diversifying into other areas also. The board of directors of CCL comprises eminent professionals from industry.
The Company is managed by a well qualified Board of Directors, with knowledge and expertise in the field of finance, investment, administration and management, and is supported by an experienced team of professional managers. CCL offers a range of innovative investment solutions to facilitate wealth creation for its investors. The company manages funds across the entire risk-return continuum. These include equity funds, and others. The Company’s activities comprises primarily of investing in long term investments in equity shares, listed and unlisted, and equity related securities of companies in a wide range of industries. Over the years, CCL has built up a large portfolio of investments. The vision of CCL is to become a profitable, innovative, and trusted company in India and in the emerging markets. In achieving this vision, the company will be both customer-centric and innovation-driven.
It was incorporated in 1981 as a trading Company and also engaged in the business of investments in equity etc. It also invests in mutual funds of all types so as to have a balance of its portfolio which would garner it high returns with adequate safety. The Code of conduct for the Board of Directors and the sr. management personnel to maintain the standards of business conduct for the Company and ensure compliance with legal requirements. The code would deter wrong doing, promote ethical conduct and conduct business with values. Ethical business conduct is critical to our business. Officers are expected to read and understand this code, uphold these standards in day to day activities and comply with all the policies and procedures. Nothing in this code creates or implies an employment contract or terms of employment. The code would be circulated to all the officers each year. All are requested to read, understand and agree to comply with the code. We expect all the officers to act in accordance with the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, honesty and ethical conduct while working for the Company. We consider honest conduct to be conduct that is free from fraud or deception. Ethical conduct means ethical handling of actual or apparent conflict of interest between personal and professional relationships.
CCL’s Corporate Values are : Integrity, Teamwork & Involvement, Commitment to Excellence, Mutual Trust and Respect, Safety. All employees are committed to these values in letter, spirit & action.